Suit Up is a career networking platform for accounting students who wish to launch a successful career. Our vision is to empower students throughout the job searching process by providing a platform for doing research about firms, easy-click application process, listing bursaries, organizing vacation work, and giving tips on career decisions.

We cater for school pupils and accounting students in any year group. We list employers across South Africa in the CIMA, SAICA and SAIPA fields so that you can connect and apply at the office you love.

So why don’t you join our community and we can help you “work your dream

How it works:

  1. Sign Up and complete the online CV which gives you Suit-up-per powers, and allows firms to view your profile and contact you.
  2. Start searching based on your dream location.
  3. Narrow down your search by selecting your preferences (eg. TIPP or TOPP articles; Medium or Large office).
  4. Use our company profiles based on your search results to learn more about each individual office, until you find the one you love.
  5. Start following the firms and stay up to speed with any of their important recruiting events, or apply right away.