When we refer to “platforms” we refer to all websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, emails or any form of technology used to communicate with our user base.

As Suit Up would like to provide the best possible service, and provide you with the most suitable information during your use of our services. To do this we analyse the information which is gathered and received from our users during the use of the platforms and make decisions based on this to ensure that we provide the best service and user experience we could possibly do.

How we treat the information that is gather and received from you through the use of the platforms is described in the policies below. By using the platforms you are agreeing to our policies.

Information User Provides

This includes any information that a user provides to the platforms, or those operating the platforms in any way. This includes data captured on the platforms, emails, sms’s or any other form of communication which is user specific. The data more specifically includes:

  • Forms filled in through the use of the platforms
  • Documentation submitted on the platforms
  • Participation in competitions or promotions
  • Posting comments on the platforms
  • Communications through the platforms
  • Following of company profiles
  • Information collected from use of the platforms

We collect information when you use our platforms by using cookies (and any related tech). We could receive the following through your use of the platforms:

Log information – these relate to your interaction with our platform, the content you view and the applications you submit, the firms you follow and other similar logged activities

Information we deduce about you based on your interaction with our platforms

Device information - these relate to the type of device you’re using, how you access our Platforms, your browser or operating system and your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address

Location information required for search functionalities on the platforms – this would include your device’s current location, information about nearby WiFi networks and cell towers. We get this information when you use location-enabled services Information from third parties.

We may receive information about you that you give us access to with regards to the log-ins, and further information that is publically available. These would typically be the case if you choose to log in through social networks. We may use this information to make assumptions on you based on the accumulated information.

The purposes of collected data will be utilised in the following ways:

To provide the service of online application for jobs, bursaries or any related service which are requested.

To provide more relevant content which we believe could best be used by the user

To provide our service on the correct devices of users

To communicate with you and share relevant information with users.

To use the data for analytics which is also used to inform external customers, this would not be on personal level of data sharing.

It is also to be noted that upon the deletion or unsubscribing to our platform services, we do not delete all data associated with the user account, but rather terminate the user’s ability to use his account.


We do not sell any details of persons for marketing purposes. We would share data only in the context that it be used to ensure better service to our users.

We share the collected data with:

Listed employers: These listed employers include our customers and are listed on the platform as potential employers. Data sharing would occur on the request of the user when online applications are made. Certain data will also be allowed to be accessed by the firms of users once the users have followed or shown interest in the business.

Trusted business associates: Where applicable we can share non-personal information that does not separately identify you as an individual to our trusted business partners.

If under legal duty: We will not hesitate to share information if it is deemed constitutional obligation to do so, or in the best interest of the platform to not be legaly held responsible at later stages during any legislative ordeals

Service providers: In cases where we are not able to perform task by ourselves we will use service providers to perform task on our behalf, and they may have full access to user records, but they will have limited usage of the data.

Recruiters and Bursary Providers: Recruiters and Bursary providers have the option to search for and identify candidates which suit criteria. The proses is controlled and information masses will not be transferred.

Third parties on consent: Advertisers occasionally launch or host competitions or promotions where they would require your information which is used for their benefit. These would only share the information under your consent. Be sure to examine their terms of use and privacy policies. It is important to note that we don’t determine the use of information collected by third parties.

Links to and from other platforms: There are numerous link which link both to and from our platform to other platforms. We do not control, manage or consider privacy policies of these platforms. It is each individual user’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the privacy policies when using these other platforms.


Our users have the right to ask us not to contact them with the various marketing initiatives. There will be various ways to withdraw through various unsubscribing options to certain of our services.

There are however no options to unsubscribe from our primary service correspondences. This would hinder us from performing our set primary services. Unsubscribing from our entire service is possible upon request.

Our Platforms use cookies. If you wish to reject our cookies, you can configure your browser to do so.


We note that online security is a threat to our business and the integrity our data and the service we provide. We do therefore employ a number of safeguards to mitigate this risk. Our security is not performed in house and we are reliant on the performance of third parties to ensure the safe keeping of data.


Our platform is based in South Africa, and all dealings with the platform and data transfers will primarily be backed up on South African Servers (Or any other place).

As our platform is situated in South Africa, all dealings will be under compliance of South African legislation which guides and regulates how we save, store and use the captured data.


We may change out policy at any time that we might deem fit. Users will be notified that changes have been made.